The Vision for Young Life in Africa

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Young Life introduces adolescents to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith.  Africa, meanwhile, is a
continent of young people with over 75% of the population of sub-Sahara Africa under the age of 25. 

Young Life was made for Africa.

Since launching in Africa a little over a decade ago, Young Life has grown rapidly, reaching over 230,000 kids in a growing number of African countries.  But we have done that by reaching one kid at a time.  An African proverb teaches the “slow way is the fast way” and that proverb has guided our vision for reaching every kid in every country in Africa.

Our senior Young Life leaders observe that it takes three years for the mango tree to bear fruit, but once it starts, the mango produces fruit in season…for over a hundred years!  Contrast that with the tomato bush, which produces fruit in less than three months, but then dies out, never to produce again. 

Our Young Life African leaders use a Leadership Tree to grow mango trees.  This short video tells the story beautifully.


Our Fundamental Principles

   We make disciples…one kid at a time.

   We are committed to the message of grace, hope and salvation in Jesus Christ in all we are and all we do.

   We are committed to raising up and training indigenous leadership in every African country.

   We are committed to supporting the local church to build and encourage the body of Christ in each country.

   We rely on a strong interdependent partnership between Young Life Africa staff and ministry and Young Life in the United States - a sharing of gifts and resources. We believe God has blessed the Young Life Africa family with unique gifts (faith, love, life in the Spirit) which are desperately needed in the United States - we want our friends in the U.S. to experience these and grow together.

Young Life Africa: Now and Future

Young Life has grown rapidly.  This Map provides an overview of where we are now…and where we are headed.

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Interested in partnering with Young Life Africa financially?

Through our online giving program, you can give a gift online or set up a monthly automatic charge to your credit card or bank account.

We have three ways you can partner with us financially:

Country and Staff Sponsorships

The countries we serve, and our indigenous staff that serve as Young Life leaders to the kids of those countries, are supported directly by individuals, small groups and churches.  These “Sponsors” partner with our African staff by supporting them financially and in prayer.  Sponsors are frequently transformed spiritually through the relationship they develop with these African staff as they pray for them, visit them in their African cities or villages and partner with them to reach and love kids.  If you would like more information on Sponsorship, please contact:

Mike Knowles


Camp Scholarships 

It costs an average of $50 per kid to send a kid to Young Life Camp in Africa.  We are in the midst of a campaign to send 64,000 teenagers, volunteers and staff to camp this summer.  Go here to learn more and view an awesome video describing camp in Africa. 

Developing Global Leaders

The Developing Global Leaders program allows selected international Young Life volunteer leaders to participate in a four-year leadership program which includes a full scholarship to a local university, life-skills mentoring and leadership training.  While in the program, participants continue to serve as volunteer Young Life leaders in their communities.  These trained leaders, with a heart for Jesus, go on to become tomorrow's leaders in their community and their nation.  Being a sponsor of a DGL student means partnering with them financially and entering into relationship with them at this critical point of their life.


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