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Mt. Kilimanjaro towers over 19,000 feet above Tanzania and has long served as an inspiration for both serious and recreational climbers.  It is the highest peak in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.  Each summer, groups of climbers ascend the mountain with an objective of sending kids to Young Life camp all across Africa.  This summer, 27,000 kids and leaders hope to attend Young Life camp in Africa.  You can be a part of Climbing for Change by supporting these climbers in their quest to send kids to Young Life camp in Africa.  Young Life camp changes lives...this is Climbing for Change!

How Can I Be a Part of Climbing For Change?
There are several incredibly easy, fun and effective ways to be a part of Climbing for Change

Option One: 
Join the Climb:
Climbing For Change is truly a life change experience for those that take the leap of faith to attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for Young Life Africa.  The trip has many highlights besides the opportunity to join the small group of people that can check Kili off their bucket list.  You will experience the comraderie of working as a team for a goal that is bigger than yourself.  You will have the opportunity to experience Young Life Africa camp first hand.
To learn more about joining a future Climbing for Change trip, please fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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Option Two:  Make a direct tax-deductible donation:
  • $50 will send one kid to camp
  • $600 will sponsor a cabin of kids
  • $2,000 will sponsor a busload of kids
  • $15,000 will sponsor an entire camp

Donations may be made on-line by visiting the Young Life Online Giving site or you may send a check made out to “Young Life” with “XR104/Africa Campership” in the memo line.  Checks may be sent to:

Young Life
Attn:  Kirby Lowry
420 N Cascade Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3325 

100% of your donation to Climbing for Change will go to send kids to camp in Africa; the climbers are paying the full cost of their transportation and climb.  If you would like your donation to be made in honor of one of our climbers, please go to the 2013 Climb Bio page.

Option Three:  Start a Movement in Your Community

There is second uber-cool way to be a part of Climbing for Change.  If you or your family or church or youth group or Campaigners group or bird watching group want to do something really Young-Life fun, we will ship to you (at no cost) a package of 3” x 3” adhesive labels you can put on container(s) of your choice. Over the next few months, you can fill your container(s) with as much change/bills as you can collect. 
Click here to download a jpeg of the label to put on your jug. 

We send you the labels...YOU provide the container.  Be creative.  A milk jug works fine, but don’t be limited by the jug!  Send us an image of your creative Climbing for Change container and we may post it along with other selected containers for the WORLD to BE CREATIVE!!!  You can also proudly display the Climbing for Change logo on the side of your Hummer or blimp…we’ll post pictures of that too! 

We will be collecting all donations from containers on July 1, 2013…so START NOW!!!

To request FREE Climbing For Change labels or to answer any Climbing for Change questions contact Tom Ramey at


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