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Welcome to the Uganda Region!

Young Life in Uganda has continued to grow since its beginning in 2005, and over 140,000 kids have been reached with the gospel message in 2019. Every week, an average of over 25,000 kids attend outreach clubs in their communities, and over 8,800 have joined a small group Bible study.




Staff Sponsorship

Costs $12,000 per year, for three years. This includes salary of the sponsored staff member, taxes and benefits, travel, training, club costs, as well as that staff member’s supervision, mentoring and coaching.


Country Sponsorship

Costs $35,000 per year, for three years and covers the remaining costs to sustain Young Life in an African country. A country sponsor covers office rent and communication, legal and accounting costs, programming for key Young Life clubs and travel, training and supervision of staff not covered by Staff Sponsorships. 


Camp Sponsorship

$50 to send a kid to camp

$600 fills a cabin

$1,200 sends work crew

$2,000 fills a bus

$4,000 provides meals

$7,500 (+ MATCH) sponsors a camp 


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