Africa East "Fill a Cabin" Challenge

Thank you for interest in joining the
Young Life Africa East Fill a Cabin” Challenge

Challenge runs August 24-September 16, 2021
JOIN anytime (the earlier the better)
FILL up a cabin (12 spots)
ENTER to win fun prizes

Email us with any questions!


Yes! I want to join the “Fill a Cabin” Challenge.



DOWNLOAD: a “Fill a Cabin” card









Ask and Invite
Share with friends and loved ones on email, social media or text! Ask them to fill one spot ($50). Send them the giving link and tell them to put your name in the box where it asks “Who invited you to give?”


Enter to win:
Fill in your card with smiley faces (with pen or electronically) to show progress and post your updated card on social, send it via text message or email to ask more friends to fill a spot!












Prize Entry Guidelines:
– 3 different prize drawings during the 3-week challenge
– Fill up the entire cabin on your card by one of the deadlines to be eligible to win (8/30, 9/6, 9/13)
– Prizes will be announced at the start of each week (8/31, 9/7, 9/14)
– One completed card = one entry (can have multiple entries) but after the drawing is done, entries do not carry forward into the next week


What are we raising money for?

The “Fill a Cabin” Challenge is an opportunity to raise funds to send teenagers in the Africa East geography to Young Life camp as they are able to happen. Let’s fill as many cabins as possible so they are ready to go when we get the green light!


What is our goal?

There are 12 spots in a cabin – $50/teen so each cabin filled would be $600 raised. Our goal is to have 30 people take the challenge and each fill at least one cabin.


How should you ask people to give?

Share what you love about Young Life Africa/Middle East and invite them to be a part of it. Did you know? 46% of family and friends are more likely to donate when asked by someone they know. 


Will you help me?

Absolutely! We are here to encourage you and will send you reminders and tips throughout the 3 week “Fill a Cabin” Challenge.

Donation Questions

How will donors get a tax receipt for their donation?

Young Life sends all donors a tax receipt via email. “Young Life” will appear on a donor’s credit card statement.


How should I instruct donors to make a donation?

Share the giving page and tell them to put your name in the box where it asks “Who asked you to give?”


What if someone wants to write a check, instead of giving electronically?

Great, Young Life accepts checks!  Ask your friend to go to the giving page and after entering their donation amount, select “Send a Check”. Remind them to put your name in the box where it asks “Who asked you to give?” so that we can track your progress!

Then instruct them to to make the check out to “Young Life” with XD441 – Africa East Camp Campaign along with YOUR NAME and mail it to Young Life Africa, PO Box 70065 Prescott, AZ 86304.

Anything we didn’t think of?
Drop us a note at aalderman@younglife.org


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