LEADERS OF TOMORROW, like Thando will reach the next teenager and share the gospel with them.



Thando used to be angry all the time and tried to fill the void he felt with alcohol and being part of gangs. Then he started attending a neighborhood club with some friends in 2010. His Young Life leader, Mengezi had a big impact on his life—Thando was intrigued by Mengezi’s friendliness and care towards him so he kept going to club in order to get to know Mengezi better.

Then, Mengezi invited Thando to Young Life camp where his life would be forever changed.

Thando didn’t know what to expect at Young Life camp and originally wanted to go just to socialize and have a fun weekend away from home. The Lord, however, had different plans.

The messages that were shared each night at camp made Thando think deeply about his life and the way he was currently living it.

There was an opportunity to accept Jesus as your Savior on the last night, and Thando didn’t think twice-he jumped up and said “yes”!

Thando (far left) and his leader (second from right) eating a meal at camp.

Upon returning home from camp, Thando’s leader continued to walk alongside him, encouraging him to grow in his faith by plugging into a weekly Campaigners Bible study and joining a local church.

After being involved for a few years, Thando became a volunteer Young Life leader in 2012, growing in fellowship with other believers and reaching more teenagers with the gospel.

By God’s grace, he took 10 teens to camp his first year leading where 9 of them accepted Christ as their Savior!

He continued to serve as a volunteer leader for the next 5 years before being hired as full time Young Life staff to help oversee the ministry in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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