Alemtsehay Sahle – Ethiopia

Area Director

Alemtsehay Sahle joined Young Life as a volunteer leader shortly after Moges. A friend had invited her to a Young Life leadership meeting and the vision of reaching kids stuck with her. Alemtsehay grew up in Addis Ababa and became a follower of Jesus after a rebellious time in high school where she denied the existence of Christ and hated Christians. She found Christ by reading the Bible and her faith has grown deep through the fellowship in Young Life. Currently, Alemtsehay is an area director and leads Young Life outreach clubs and discipleship groups in a section of Addis Ababa called Area Three. She also coordinates Young Life intern training and women ministries in the area. Alemtsehay has been on Young Life staff for 15 years, and has seen many of her kids turn into Young Life leaders and staff. She is full of love and joy for her fellow leaders, staff team and her Young Life kids. What a legacy she has!

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