James Amuriat* – Uganda

Area Director

James Amuriat is an area director in Kampala, Uganda. Three phrases/words that best describe him: hanging out with kids, patient and creative. James explains, “I learned about Young Life through Simon Peter Okiria, who introduced me to the Lord and is also my mentor.” “I now do Young Life College ministry but before that, I was doing High School and Neighborhood ministry in Eastern Uganda (Pallisa district) at Pallisa Senior Secondary School and Kaucho.   It was amazing to see kids having fun and giving their lives to Jesus.

After joining Kyambog University in 2009, I felt called to start College Ministry and I started doing contact work.  I had 15 college students who were always with me and were all very vibrant leaders. It was from then that I had to open to move into other colleges, Uganda Christian University (UCU), Makerere University (MUK), and Kampala International University (KIU) among others.

From then up to now we have Young Life in 16 Colleges in Uganda including The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) under the leadership of Erick. We have had college camps in Uganda and truly God works His ways. These campers came together, had fun and then accepted Jesus as their Savior.” James feels blessed by many energetic and faithful volunteer leaders including DGL students who are doing great work and advancing the kingdom through Young Life college ministry in Uganda.

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