Joseph Madu

Area Director

Joseph Madu, was the area director in Lagos, Nigeria. Joseph had just turned 56 years old when he fell sick and was rushed to the hospital where he died very soon after in the emergency room. The Young Life Africa team called him affectionately Chief Joseph, or “Chief”. Joseph and his family moved from their home in Nigeria to Senegal in 2007 after having a dream in which God told them to go as missionaries to Senegal. It was there that he and Steve got connected and he shared his passion and call to help young people know Jesus. He began Young Life work in Senegal at the end of 2008 and was there until 2015 when his family was called back to their native Nigeria to help us begin Young Life there.

Here is some of the fruit of his service and labor with Young Life these 9 years:

• He founded Young Life in Senegal
• He founded Young Life in Nigeria
• In 9 years in Senegal over 27,000 kids (90%+ Muslim) have been reached by a Young Life leader; 30 ministries have been started; 110+ leaders have been trained and deployed to reach kids; over 5,000 kids have gone to camp; over 2,000 kids have publicly confessed Jesus (mostly Muslim kids) and over 600 have been involved in regular discipleship

• In two years in Nigeria, over 9,000 kids have been reached; 7 clubs have started; 32 leaders have been recruited, trained and deployed; 219 kids have gone to camp; 135 kids have decided to follow Jesus; and 93 are being discipled regularly


Joseph’s beautiful wife and courageous partner, Maria, is now left alone with their six children. Please pray for Maria and the children, for the Young Life teams in Nigeria and Senegal and for the whole family of Young Life Africa/Middle East as we mourn the loss of our friend and partner Joseph—“Chief”. And as we thank God for the miracles He worked through Joseph and Maria’s faithfulness.

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