Michael Sackor – Liberia

Associate Logistics Coordinator

It’s easy to recognize Michael by his passion for Jesus and his cheerful attitude. Having been a Young Life kid himself, he knows just how to encourage and motivate students. Michael first got involved with Young Life when they started a club at his high school. Thanks to incredible leaders, Michael was invited to camp twice. He had an incredible time the first time he went to camp but, he did not really listen to the message the speaker was sharing. By the grace of God, Michael got to go to camp again. This time, during the silent time that happens at camp, Michael finally reflected on what it meant for Christ to die on the cross for his sins. In this moment, he realized that he was not living in light of Christ’s death and resurrection and decided to dedicate his life to Jesus. Since then Michael has grown exponentially in his faith and now serves as an associate logistics coordinator in Liberia.

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