Zoe Nonde – Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland)

Logistics Coordinator

Zoë describes herself as creative, chatty, and a fireball. She met Christ in the darkest time of her life. Zoë had to grow up quickly due to her cruel father who corrupted her idea of Christianity. He was a pastor with a heavy drinking problem, and he made his children treat him like God himself. He would do terrible things and tell his family that it was what God wanted, causing Zoë to think that God wants us to suffer. Her father left the family when she was around 10. After this, Zoë started to see things differently and began studying God on her own. Her mother and her mother’s extended family helped her see the false things she had believed, and later that year she gave her life to Christ.

Zoë was first introduced to Young Life as a teenager, in 2012. The Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) country director, Sthe, had just returned from HOT training and Zoë’s high school was Sthe’s first target, as she herself had attended there. Zoë had known Sthe nearly all her life, but the two never had a close connection. However, they reconnected at the high school and Sthe not only explained Young Life to Zoe but also invited her to be a student coordinator for club. Zoë jumped on the opportunity and served in this capacity for the next three years. And after graduating high school, Zoë became a volunteer leader. She now leads three clubs: an all-girls club, a Wyldlife club, and a campaigners club.

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