March 8, 2024 | Mackenzie Self

Celebrating How God Uses Women In The Kingdom

When they were growing up, Sharon and her brother decided to read the Bible in order to debate with the Jehovah’s Witnesses who were often door-to-door in their neighborhood. When they got to the book of Revelation, they were frightened about the end of the world. A friend in the neighborhood had been inviting them to Church, and that fear convinced them to give Church a try. Things made more sense to Sharon after going to Church, and she decided to give her life to Christ.


Sharon and her leadership team in Zimbabwe.


Around this time, she started going to Young Life and became more excited about following Christ. Hearing the story of the prodigal son at camp was a watershed moment in her faith. Sharon expected the father to be judgemental, and his response of love was so compelling that Sharon decided that she wanted to share her faith with others so that they, too, could experience that kind of love.

Sharon went to university as a DGL student and afterward chose to go on Young Life staff in Bulawayo North, Zimbabwe. She excelled in her position and her area grew. Her responsibilities to the mission grew, and she was promoted to senior regional director in Zimbabwe, and today serves as the vice president of the South-East Geography in the Africa South division.


Sharon at the Women’s Leadership Accelerator graduation.


When Sharon was a regional director, she realized that she was entering an executive role without the necessary executive skills. She was invited to be a part of the Women’s Leadership Accelerator. The program provided education in essential skills like budgeting, communication, conflict resolution, and leading up. She was not surprised that the program empowered her as a woman and that she learned how to work better alongside her male colleagues. However, she hadn’t expected how spiritual depth she gained.

She learned one of the most valuable things a leader can do is lead themselves. Serving in this role while also being a wife and a mother, Sharon thought that pouring out all of her energy everywhere all of the time was productive and necessary. Instead, the Women’s Leadership Accelerator taught her the importance of solitude and taking time to rest. A spiritually healthy leader not only sets her team up for success but makes a way to hear the callings of the Holy Spirit more clearly, not only for herself but for her team as well. Not only does the Women’s Leadership Accelerator teach practical skills, it provides a community of women who encourage one another throughout the continent. As female leaders rise out of the program, they are empowered to take risks and try new challenges, all while encouraging women around them to do the same.


Sharon Intauno, Vice President Africa South-East Geography.


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