Discovery Bible Study

Discovery Bible Study has been an important part of Young Life Africa for a number of years.  It’s our goal to teach it to every leader. As we move into fiscal 2018, Young Life will begin a five-year campaign called “Forward.” Over the five-year period, 2018 through 2022, Young Life hopes to double its worldwide impact by focusing on four key areas – deeper in Christ, together, innovation and growth.  

As part of the “Deeper in Christ” pillar, Young Life Africa hopes to train every leader in the Discovery Bible Study method to bring kids and leaders closer to Jesus. We want to listen more closely to the Lord, to His written word spoken into our lives.  

The Discovery Bible Study method is simple and straightforward, attuning your focus not to a self-guided assumption of the text but rather to a listening heart and mind. All it takes is opening up the Word.  

Select a short passage in the Bible and discuss the following questions:

What do you like most about this passage?
What is most challenging?
What do you learn about God?
What do you learn about yourself?
What is God directing you to do in response?
Who can you share this with this week?

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