June 22, 2017 | Laura Varberg

Climb for Change: Climb Day 1

Wow, what an incredible & jam packed first day we had! We woke up to a cloudy & damp day in Arusha with absolute eagerness to begin our first day on our Kilimanjaro adventure. We all packed into the bus with our 3 guides and made our way to the gate. As we approached the gate, we saw dozens of groups of strangers from around the world, waiting with excitement & uncertainty of what the next 7 days have in store. Our (very large) team was able to all sit at a table to share our first meal of our trek together, where we discussed our excitement, our fears, our hopes, & our prayers for our climbing adventure. The Lord has truly brought together a special crew for this trip filled with strong & devoted hearts to Christ.

We kicked off the climb trekking in gators & rain jackets because of the wet, rainforest type climate. It was truly amazing to witness the God breathed beauty that filled our view all 6 hours of our initial hike. We arrived at camp around 7:30 pm, filled with awe & wonder over the beauty that surrounded us. We have a view of the backside of the summit, with a sky coated with sparkling stars. Now that we’ve enjoyed our first dinner together, we have all tiredly wandered to our tents to enjoy our first night in our tents. Thank you all for covering this group in prayer! We could not thank you enough. God is so sovereign & glorious, we are filled with hope that He will guide us according to His perfect will. His presence will be our continued strength as we continue to explore His wondrous creation together.

Sending our love from Tanzania!


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