June 23, 2017 |

Climb for Change: Climb Days 2 and 3

Day 2: Machame Camp to Shira Camp

10,000 ft. – 12,500 ft.

We woke up on the right side of our sleeping bags this morning with a loud Tanzanian hello and Tent side coffee after a night under the stars. We ate a wonderful breakfast all together and got going early. The first 45 minutes we hiked in silence, each spending time with the Lord as we began our second day. Poles were necessary today as we climbed up and up until we were above the clouds, resulting in a photo opportunity every rest spot. We traversed on the side of the mountain, winding through the mountain and through clouds and sunshine. We arrived safely at camp with a greeting full of dancing and singing thanks to the porters and guides with time for meals and rest! I think I have transported to a scene from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings at this camp, it takes your breath away.

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. This is a joyous adventure that most of us climbing cannot yet believe is reality. It seems as if God is speaking louder with every step we take! Please continue to pray for strength, energy, and friendships as we continue to gain altitude! The end of Isaiah 55 is a wonderful piece of scripture for the day – as the mountains and the trees sang as we climbed them.

Much love to you all,

Hailey Hess


Day 3 (morning): Shira Camp

Here we are Morning day 3!! Yesterday’s hike brought us up to a beautiful plateau overlooking an ocean of clouds flanked by the peak of Kilimanjaro. As beautiful as it is this morning we must press onward and upward. The lava tower, a famous Kili landmark, awaits us today at 15,000 feet. Upon arrival we plan on dinning for lunch in its ominous shadow. Our team is one of a kind, climbing alongside new individuals has been both encouraging and uplifting. Pray for us today that as mountain sickness starts to rumble and heads start to ache that God would intercede and refresh us as we continue the climb.

As always,



Day 4 (afternoon): Shira to Lava Tower to Baranco Camp

12,500-15,000-13,000 ft.

Sitting in the mess hall as the sun waves goodbye to day 4. Continuing to wonder whether this is all a dream or reality, but starting to be content with either. Getting a chance to hear people’s stories, encourage one another and dig into knowing Jesus more has started to change the direction of this trip.

Coolest story of the day: Jose (a climber and YL area director in Mozambique) who speaks Portuguese was able to share the gospel with our guide Ahim (who happens to speak Spanish), and through the Lords hand Ahim accepted Christ today. This thing is more than a climb. The mountain is unexplainably beautiful, but what will be taken home are the bits and pieces of each other that we get to laugh about, shake our heads at, and maybe even wish we never smelt.

Today we ate lunch higher than any peak in the continental US, while looking at a view that I’ve only seen in Mars exhibits. A tower of black lava towered over us encouraged us on forward. We camp tonight in the clouds and tomorrow push onward. Thanks for the prayers, keep em coming! Prayers for health and that we would all be open to experiencing God in new ways.

– Eyob Yirgau



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