June 29, 2017 | Steve Larmey

Climb for Change: Climb Days 6 and 7

Kili Rap – by “Pop$ da Top$” (aka Steve Larmey) 

We Climbed Kili

Y’all we just climbed Kili

Folks back home said we were silly

Said we’d pay too big a bill

But with a big act of will

And the help of a little white pill.

Together together took step-by-step ‘til

We conquered that big ol’ icy African hill,

We won—YoungLife 35-Kilimanjaro Nil,

We pushed through trial and adversity

What sisters and brothers are made for

But with sweat, tears and blood its paid for

We trudged through ashes, dust and mud

Boots landing thud-thud

Coughing up crud

But doing it all with our newfound buds.


But whoa, remember those guides and porters?

(Moment of silence)

Those guides and porters

Did what they did for a buck and a quarter

Carrying our burdens, fetchin’ our water

Gate to gate, border border

Teachin’ us more than that big mountain did

About how to serve and to love and to live

How to work ‘til it hurts and to give, give and give

Lord for my selfishness please please forgive.


But let’s give props where props are due

To our leader Drew

The glue

The Mountain Man how-to

Told us what to do

What to wear

From our hats to our underwear, gloves and shoes

Couldn’t have done it without you

Our big floppy hats we take off to you


But to whom did we really turn

When the climb was too tough

Or the trail was too rough

And our legs and our knees and our backs had enough?

Who was our real go-to

When we had no O2?

I think you know Who…

Our side-of-the-head whoppin’

Sunrise and sunset eye-poppin’

Baranco Wall hoppin’

Barafu wind stoppin’

19,000 foot mountain toppin’

Creator Savior God


Have you not heard?

Do you not see?

Yes Lord we see—we are not blind

And with knees and hearts bowed low we thank you for this climb

And for these brothers and sisters whose hearts with ours you’ve entwined

One more time Lord we say Thank You, Thank you for this climb


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