Addis Tafesa – Ethiopia

Area Director

Addis is an area director who leads with clarity and confidence. About 10 years ago, when Addis was 16 years old, she was introduced to Jesus through Young Life. As a teenager, Addis felt very angry after her father passed away and didn’t believe in God at all.  Her mother suffered as she raised her kids alone. She was interested in art at the time and taking some courses in acting“I always wanted to be a famous singer and an artist,” she says. “While I was living my life and still denying God’s existence, my cousin Beza brought me to a Young Life club one day. I definitely liked everything except the God part. Finally, there was a permanent Young Life club in Nazareth and Beza pushed me to come and I went with one my closest friends. I had my first diary writing experience and I wrote everything I liked about the club. One day while I was reading the Bible I found myself crying…and with time everything started to change in my life. I started to believe in the existence of God! I fell in love with Jesus Christ! Oh, how he loves me!! Now that Addis is free from the power of sin and living her life for Jesus, she leads other to do the same as area director for her hometown in the Adama region, an eastern part of Ethiopia.  

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