Bienvenu Mukambilwa – DRC

Area Director

Bienvenu is dynamic, fair and humble.  He met Jesus Christ in 2009.

“I had grown up in a Christian family, but I always pretended to love Christ to please parents but did not on the inside. I was more interested in interacting with females and trying to figure out how to become a big football star. Every day when the games were happening, I had to go watch. A Young Life leader was at these matches and we slowly formed a friendship. He started sharing Christ with me in a new way. It was that simple. After that match, I knew I deeply believed. Just after that conversation, I left everything and followed Christ.

After attending Campaigners and clubs for a while, I realized that God was calling me to become a leader. I observed the new Campaigners were helpless without anyone; who could take care of these young people?

With the concern to help them find the opportunity to grow well in the Christian faith I asked permission to supervise them from our superior “Benga.” He allowed me to lead. I am now leading these new young believers with the help of another experienced Young Life leader who guides me. And that’s where I saw how beautiful it is to help young people to know Christ in their lives.”


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