Celeste João Baloi – Mozambique

Area Director

Celeste is a persistent, attentive, and kind leader and friend. She met Jesus when she was 19 years old. During her second year of pursuing a theater degree, she went on a 650-mile trip with a classmate. In the first 6 hours of travel, this friend presented the entire gospel and plan of salvation. Celeste told him that she would think about it, but in her heart, she knew she wanted to follow Jesus.

After the trip, Celeste joined a bible study but was not very committed to Jesus. A Young Life leader befriended her and invited her to club and camp. At Young Life camp, Celeste learned that walking with Christ requires commitment and sacrifice. She also felt that she needed to share the things she was learning with others. From here on, she began to live a life led by the Holy Spirit.

After returning from camp, Celeste inquired how she could support Young Life. The staff invited her to participate in leader training and join a Young Life bible study. As Celeste fell further in love with God and Young Life, she began to disciple a group of girls and spent all her free time doing Young Life activities.

Over the years, leader trainings and further Young Life involvement confirmed to Celeste that God was calling her to do this for her whole life. After college, she started working on staff in the Matola Area, the largest suburb of the Mozambique capital, Maputo. She is now serving as an area director in this region.

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