Christian Kimena – Tanzania

Area Director

Christian Kimena was introduced to Young Life through contact work. A Young Life leader met him and pursued him – his life was forever changed! Because of Young Life, Christian started to read his bible, learned how to pray, and began sharing the gospel with everyone that he could. He has seen the Lord impact those around him through Young Life – he has seen so many kids give their lives to Jesus and testify of the goodness of God!

Christian’s favorite Young Life story is of a kid named Steve. Steve used to live around the market that Christian would frequent. He would steal and fight a lot. Christian met Steve at the market one day when Steve approached him asking for Christian to give him some money. Christian gave him some money and started telling Steve about Jesus. Steve said he wanted to accept Jesus, but he was afraid that his brother, Moses, wouldn’t accept him. So, Christian went and met with Moses and told him about Steve’s new life and relationship with Jesus. Moses chose to accept Steve. Steve is now a big part of Christian’s Campaigners group and is thriving in Jesus.

Christian says that the Holy Spirit is moving in leader meetings, prayer sessions, Campaigners and club meetings in his area.

We are thankful for the faithfulness of Christian and how sold out he is on the love of Jesus! Christian is married to his wife, Milka, while waiting for God to bless them with kids!

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