Christopher Ayo – Tanzania

Area Director

Christopher (Chris) is smart, confident and loves Jesus a lot. Originally working as a miner, Christ heard the gospel for the first time from a man who would evangelize to the workers during the day. At first, Chris didn’t really listen, until a war broke out at the mine and he was forced to flee. The Christian ended up giving him a ride away from the mine. Where they ended up after was a gospel meeting, and there Chris heard the words “come now, Jesus is calling you.” He felt convicted, walked straight up to the preacher and committed his life to Chris, right then and there. In high school, Chris joined a Young Life club and then Bible study. Eventually, he became a leader, and now is on staff. He currently works as area director for Young Life in Arusha and he loves that he is able to share the good news of Jesus Christ through Young Life!

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