Daniel Ng’etich – Kenya

Area Director

Daniel serves as an area director in Eldoret, Kenya. He leads by example in the way he loves and encourages those around him. His love for the Lord is evident in everything that he does. He came to meet Christ in 2006 after a dark time of pursuing worldly things. He was selfish and spent all of his time drinking. For a while, he didn’t care who his actions affected and he left his parents to care for themselves. Then, one day he got sick and the doctor said if he kept drinking then he would die. This was a huge wake up call for Daniel and he immediately quit drinking. After quitting drinking, he was able to see his deep need for Jesus and began following him. He then got involved with Young Life in 2011 after being introduced by a friend. After going to leader training in Nairobi, he began serving in his current role as area director.

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