Decontee Love Sackor – Liberia

Area Director

Decontee is an innovative leader as well as a hilarious and loving person. She met Jesus in 2009 while attending her first Young Life camp. On the second night of camp, the speaker’s message was focused on the death of Christ. After the message, the students were asked to spread out and meditate on the death of Christ and what it meant for them personally. During that quiet time, Decontee felt a love that she had never felt before. The fact that Jesus gave his life for the sake of others was something that Decontee reflected heavily on and was amazed by, and at the end of that time she decided to follow Jesus. Since that day, Decontee’s life has been filled with joy! She now serves as an area director in Liberia. We are so thankful for Decontee’s creative and joyful leadership!


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