Egide Ruzinndana – Rwanda

Area Director

Egide Ruzinndana grew up as a refugee in Tanzania since his family had fled the ethnic violence in Rwanda. His family returned to Rwanda after the genocide and in 2002 a friend led Egide to Christ. In 2008 Egide attended a Young Life regional volunteer leader’s seminar in Rwanda. He has a particular passion for street kids, which led him to start a vibrant soccer ministry in the Remera neighborhood of Kigali. Now not only does he play soccer with street kids, but he has gone as far as opening the doors of his own home, where currently 25 street kids have a place to lay their heads at night. He started a program to inspire street kids and help them get on track to making a living and pursuing their passions called “Love for Hope.” Egide’s goal for Young Life in his country is simple: to help young people start a relationship with Jesus. He loves Young Life ministry because it encourages kids to be themselves, while simultaneously encouraging them to live a life transformed by Christ. Egide is encouraging, patient and easy-going, passionate about evangelism and loves Jesus a lot. We are so thankful for the ways he continues to point kids to Jesus through friendship and love.

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