Eugenio Balane – Mozambique

Associate Regional Director

Eugenio is the eighth of nine children, whose father worked on a railroad and mother sold charcoal. Living in a house made from sticks, they often dreamt that their children would have the opportunity to attend university and help the rest of their family. When Eugenio was 13, his father lost his job and was also diagnosed with cancer. This meant Eugenio had to get a job and help support his family. He was introduced to Young Life through a local leader, who played football with him and his friends before inviting them to club. Eugenio’s leader found him a new job, and in return asked him to attend Young Life regularly. In 2012, Eugenio was accepted into the Developing Global Leaders program, meaning that his university tuition could be covered as he continued to lead Young Life. After studying computer engineering, Eugenio realized his heart was to continue to serving and leading Young life, and was asked to serve as area director in Mozambique. He said this role “was not difficult to accept, because God had already clearly made my call,” and that with this job, his parents dreams were fulfilled. Eugenio cannot imagine his life without God, and is so thankful for His continued faithfulness throughout the tough times and the moments of joy.

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