Evaline Mboya – Tanzania

Area Director

Evaline is humble, vibrant and hardworking. She is serving teenagers in the town of Singida. The Lord transformed her life through Young Life years ago, and now she gets to return the favor and lead teenagers to Christ.

Evaline explains, “I first met Jesus at a Young Life Outreach Camp in 2009 which was held in Arusha, and from that moment I became a new person with the help of my leader through Campaigners sessions. I remember my leader invited me to a Young Life club when I started high school in 2008 and I loved everything about it. I especially loved the songs and the talk because it helped me think about my life and reflect. From that moment, I never stopped going to a Young Life club and in 2008 I went to camp and made a very big decision of my life which was to follow Jesus. I could not get enough of the Christian life and all that Jesus offers us. Finally, in 2013 I became a Young Life volunteer leader. Now I’m doing ministry in the place called Singida, which was where I received my college education.”

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