Fitsum Debub* – Ethiopia

Area Director

Fitsum currently serves as area director in Bahir Dar, a city in the Northwest region of the country. He decided to serve on Young Life staff in Bahir Dar, even though it was outside of his comfort zone because he wanted to help reach the unreached kids in that area as Young Life had previously not been there.

Growing up, Fitsum started going to Young Life club when a friend invited him. He kept showing up at club because he liked the way leaders loved each other and he appreciated how his leader treated him. The following summer, he went to Young Life camp where he met Jesus and had fruitful conversations with his leaders about what it means to follow Him.

As Fitsum traveled back home after camp, he knew he could not tell his family about his decision to accept Christ because he thought they would not accept it. After three years of keeping his faith a secret from them, they found out that he was following the Lord. His family persecuted him and his parents kicked him out of the house. For the following year Fitsum lived with his Young Life leaders, Behailu and Ephrem, who loved and mentored him. During this time, Fitsum became extremely close with them and they started to think he could potentially be on Young Life staff. After a year of being separated from his family, Fitsum’s parents reached out to him and asked him to move back in with them. They had decided that he was still their son and they loved him even though he wanted to continue to be discipled by Behailu and Ephrem.

As Fitsum became deeply involved in Young Life while in high school and matured in his walk with the Lord, he was invited to participate in the Developing Global Leaders (DGL) program. The DGL program is an opportunity for selected students to gain a university education while they learn from a mentor and serve as a volunteer leader in a local Young Life Club. Due to Fitsum’s completion of the DGL program and his desire to reach the lost kids of Ethiopia, he was invited to go on Young Life staff and is currently an area director in Bahir Dar. Pray for Fitsum as he works to introduce kids to Jesus in Ethiopia and lead and love them like his Young Life leaders did.

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