Franck Musafiri – DRC

Area Director

As a teenager, Franck’s father left their family for another woman. Soon after, his mother contracted a chronic illness which she suffered from for two years. Between these two events, there was now no one to provide for his family and Franck often went days without a meal. He had lost all hope. Around this time, Franck met Benga, a Young Life leader, who invited him to Young Life camp. God met Franck there and renewed his hope – a now everlasting one. After camp, Franck returned home and continued to learn from Benga. In 2012, Franck became a Young Life leader and four years later was invited onto Young Life staff. The last ten years have been challenging, as Franck has been taking care of his mother and brother, while also going to school and working. However, the love of Jesus Christ, Young Life, and his friends have give him courage and strength to keep going. Today, Franck is an area director in Bukavu where he oversees 17 ministries and hopes to move to Kisangani soon to start ministry there.

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