George Bataringaya

George Bataringaya – Rwanda

Area Director

George Bataringaya (left in photo) grew up in Uganda as a refugee as his family fled the ethnic violence in Rwanda. He was rejected by his father, and as a result raised himself in the bush. In his own words, “I was like an animal. I did not know how to relate to people—I could not even look them in the eye or speak to them because I thought I was worthless.” His sister was part of the rebel forces that ended the 1994 genocide and she invited George back to Rwanda. Upon returning, George struggled with addiction to smoking and stole to survive. A friend invited him to church in 2000 and he responded to an altar call and gave his life to Christ. Immediately he was freed from his addiction and he began to follow Christ seriously on a journey of transformation. He learned he was not worthless, but very valuable. In 2008 George was invited to attend the African All Staff Conference in Tanzania. He had been identified as strong leader and he was very eager to learn more about reaching kids as part of Young Life. Because of his background, George has a special burden to share the Gospel, especially with street kids. In addition to leading Young Life Club and Campaigners groups, George has a sports ministry with street kids in the Kcimicyanga neighborhood of Kigali.

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