Hellen Thomson – Tanzania

Area Director

Hellen is charming, thoughtful and a selfless giver. She was born and raised in a Christian family. Both her mom and dad were singers in the church growing up. She was baptized and confirmed in her church in 2004.  Hellen explains, “I met Jesus while in secondary school in 2006, but my mom was an usher in one of the big crusades in our hometown and I was saved that year at the crusade.

“In 2007, my sister Jackie introduced me to Young Life. She was always singing funny songs whenever she came back home and so I was attracted to the songs. Then after Jackie introduced me to a group of Campaigners where every Saturday we were meeting and discussing the Bible, and I came to know Jesus more as the days went by. After I was involved in Young Life for awhile, my sister used me as a bridge to start Young Life in our school, Arusha Secondary School, in 2008. I became a volunteer leader in 2011 for seven years until I was asked to take over Bakari’s (current Area Director at the time) position as he was moving to Zanzibar and stand in as a volunteer Area Director. I now lead ministry in Arusha as an area director and feel like I am right where God called me to be.”


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