Joan Alusa Khoyi – Kenya

Area Director

Joan is courageous, joyful and faithful. She works as an area director for Young Life in Chavakali, a town in western Kenya that is densely populated and totally dependent on peasant farming. Here, people are rooted in traditional beliefs, and it is incredibly challenging for Young Life to establish itself. Many kids are not allowed to attend Young Life activities. However, Joan and her leaders are steadfast, and continue to reach out to the community, make connections, and love kids. Joan herself became a Christian as a teenager, and has never looked back. She is a dedicated follower of Him, and has now been working for Young Life for two years. Here, she runs three clubs: one high school and two neighborhoods. She is so excited to see teenagers committed to coming to club and campaigners, and to see the ways her leaders care for kids with love and respect. 

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