Julia Wambui – Kenya

Area Director

Julia leads Young Life in the Kiwanja neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya and is always smiling. She grew up in the church, and was a youth mentor. She is also involved in several prayer groups, and one day prayed for Martin Simiyu, James Mungai and Young Life. Immediately after, she went and looked for Martin to learn more about Young Life. She fell in love with the group, joined, and was trained as a leader. Now, eight years later, she is on staff for Young Life in the Kiwanja neighborhood. The neighborhood boarders one of the largest and fastest growing universities in the country, Kenyatta University. The area faces challenges such as youth drug addiction and early pregnancies and marriages among teen girls. The neighborhood is known for its thugs as well as having a reputation for its illicit brewing of cheap, illegal, and dangerous liquor. Because of these factors, many young men and women have turned to drinking and promiscuous lifestyles. Julia is bringing the light of Christ into these dark places through her Christ-like leadership.

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