Levina Ruta – Tanzania

Staff Associate

Levina is humble, committed and hardworking. She serves as a Staff Associate in Tanzania and shares her testimony below:

“When I was 14 years old, my family failed to take me to school to get an education due to our difficult home life. So, I decided to find other means of living to support myself and my family.  At that age, I engaged myself on gathering pebbles so that I can get money. I had to fill a bucket of 20 little pebbles for the payment of 300 hundred Tanzanian shillings and I used to do that every single day. I will never forget this hard work in my life. I worked for four years before I got a sponsorship which enabled me to go back to school. I did well in my exams since then, and I have never failed. I share this not to brag that I am smart, but that God was in control. Also, my mother died when I was at the advanced level and it was two weeks before National exams. I did the exams anyway and I got division one, which is the highest level. To me this is a testimony since Jesus has been fighting for me and He made me to be who I am today for His glory.

After graduating from University, I joined a group with my friends and where we were to conduct debate in secondary schools. I was sent at Nia Njema to check a place for debate competition and at the same time as the debate was happening, Young Life had a camp before us. So, my manager gave me Moses’ number so that I could ask him when they are going to finish their camp and from that point is where Moses started to tell me about Young Life and he asked me if I could join them. I’m so thankful I met him through this random encounter because it changed my life. I am so happy to be a Young Life Leader today since I believe God had a purpose for me and the kids I am going to meet along the journey!”

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