Lina Massique Balane – Mozambique

Area Director

Lina, a key leader in Mozambique, started with Young Life as a volunteer leader in 2009 after finishing high school. She was discipled by Gustavo and Beatriz Fuentes who helped to start Young Life in Mozambique. She has been dedicated to sharing the gospel ever since. Lina has a heart for women and she persistently pursues them. In 2011, Lina began the Developing Global Leaders program which allowed her to pursue dermatology. Lina graduated and loves to help people who are suffering; she now also serves as an area director in the coastal city of Beira. Her love radiates and her service has had a great impact on Young Life in Mozambique. Lina’s love for Christ and for spreading the gospel will allow her to be a doctor who can bring healing from the inside out.

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