Liyandza Mnisi

Liyandza “H” Mnisi is an area director in eSwatini. He is often described as a man of faith, loyal and passionate. 

He shares that in “June 2014, I received grace for my life. I had been living in a high speed, rushing to eternal death but by God’s Grace a total turnaround happened in my life. On a drizzling day at a church meeting, I made a personal decision to follow Christ and never turn back. The altar call was announced and I felt within me the Holy Spirit working. I had always felt a joy in my life but the moment I got saved I experienced the real, never-ending joy. Even today I thank God for His grace that made me safe.”

Liyandza had known about Young Life when he was in high school. He often saw other people participating in Young Life club but had never bothered to go himself, even though a Young Life leader had invited him. Little did he know, he would be called directly into Young Life for Christ. When he finished school, Young Life eSwatini had it’s first camp and it was in his neighborhood. His Young Life leader listened to the Holy Spirit and invited him even though he knew Liyandza wouldn’t go. But something stirred within Liyandza and he decided to serve on Work Crew at the camp. There he met with another staff person and by God’s grace, started serving as an associate area director/team leader in a place known as the Lubombo region (one of 4 regions in eSwatini) where two clubs and one Capernaum ministry are currently active. He now serves as an area director. We are so thankful for the faithfulness of Liyandza.

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