Moges Berassa – Ethiopia

Vice President-Horn of Africa Geography | Africa East

Moges was one of the first people identified by Chuck Reinhold, a pioneer of Young Life in Africa, as a potential leader when Young Life was starting in Ethiopia. At first Moges was not very attracted to Young Life. The kids in his neighborhood were tough and he already had a job as a youth leader in an international evangelical church. But Chuck pursued Moges, and he started to feel a call to love these kids in the way Jesus would love them. In 1999, Moges joined Young Life as a volunteer leader and started working in the Kore and Ayertenna Young Life outreach clubs. Chuck, and later Steve Larmey, were both mentors to Moges, furthering his leadership skills. Moges had not expected to stay with Young Life long-term, but discipling kids to become followers of Christ became his passion. Moges now serves as the vice president for the Horn of Africa Geography for Young Life Africa East and has committed to giving his life to his work.

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