Morris Bowreh – Liberia

Executive Admin

Morris is described by his friends as funny, kind and extremely outgoing. He is extremely thoughtful and valued by his friends and coworkers.

Morris grew up in the church but never understood or accepted the gospel. While Morris was still young, his father died. This was a very difficult time for his whole family. Morris recalls, “My mom struggled to provide as a single mom. Times were hard and my mom could no longer pay my tuition for me to go to school. I cried for a while and felt so sorry for myself, but then a voice came to me saying ‘Put your trust in Jesus and not man.’ Ever since that day, I have put my trust in Jesus for he is faithful.”

Morris continues by saying, “Several years later I was volunteering at the Alumni Affairs Office at the University of Liberia. During this time I met James Davis, vice president of Africa West, and I built a relationship with him. James later shared with me that there was an administrative assistant role opening up in Young Life. He said he immediately thought of me. He asked me to apply for the job and I am so humbled to have been accepted for the position. In addition to my administrative work I attended club, Campaigners and camp so that I was able to fully understand the work of Young Life. Through this, I learned that the gospel of Jesus can be shared with kids in a way that they can grasp it. Young Life has strengthened my relationship with Christ.” We are thankful for Morris and his heart to serve the geography of Africa West.

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