Mungai Mwamgi Kelvin – Kenya

Area Director

Mungai is a hardworking, honest, creative, and organized leader and area director. His story is one of transformation: God has taken him from a wounded and blocked-off teenager to someone being continually built up in the love of Christ.

As a teenager, Mungai faced many life challenges. These difficulties led him to build walls around himself to self-protect and defend himself from any damage others might cause. This ultimately led to isolation, and he became lonely, arrogant, and upset. He began to wonder if true love ever actually existed and if he would ever been accepted for who he truly was.

Around this time, Mungai discovered Young Life. In 2007 he attended his first Young Life camp and there learned of Jesus’ immense love, a love that accepted Mungai where he was and invited him into a new way of life. Mungai chose this new life with Jesus. After camp, he began attending campaigners sessions, served on work crew, and became an active participant in Young Life club in his neighborhood. Mungai quickly grew in his relationship with God and sought to follow Him with all his life. He now continues in his fervor for the kingdom of God as the Kiajiado area director and team leader in the Kiserian neighborhood.

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