Pascal Mweze* – DRC

Associate Regional Director

Pascal is the ninth born in a family of five boys and four girls. He thanks the Lord today that his parents are still alive. Raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pascal has had to face difficulties that many of us are not familiar with.

He began elementary school and every afternoon he had to leave his school early to go and watch his family’s cattle until 7:00 PM. “This is how I lived every day since I was six.” After elementary school he went on to a middle school that was 12.5 miles away from his house. Pascal went by foot, 25 miles a day for two years, two years in which the Congo experienced war. “We hid from rebels, ran in spurts, even dodged bullets to and from school every day. My security was constantly threatened.” Pascal was faced with the horrors of war every day: the sight of people killed, awful violence towards women and rebels who pillaged his village. It’s no wonder he was ready to get away from this environment.

Later, Pascal would change schools to be in the city where one of his brothers lived. When Pascal was older and in high school, he began to drink a lot of alcohol, made a habit of smoking and cutt class often. He filled the void in his heart with whatever he could get his hands on to make him feel alive, and nothing was working.

It was 2008 when the Lord brought Benga, Pascal’s Young Life leader, into his path and this massively changed the course of his life from there on out. Through the guidance and persistence of Benga, Pascal’s life was truly changed and in the course of a year, he decided not only to follow Jesus but to follow in Benga’s footsteps and to meet young people where they are through the ministry of Young Life in the DRC.

“With the guidance and clarity that Christ has brought me in my life, I’ve been able to go back to school and continue my economic sciences degree in my university.

It is the Lord who leads my steps, I am grateful.” Today Pascal is an area director with 8 Young Life and 3 WyldLife clubs that he directs and 40 volunteer leaders he pours into.

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