Pascal Mweze* – DRC

Associate Regional Director

Every afternoon in elementary school, Pascal left early to go and watch his family’s cattle. His middle school was twelve and half miles away from his house. Pascal went by foot, walking twenty-five miles a day for two years — years in which the DRC was in constant war. “We hid from rebels, ran in spurts, even dodged bullets to and from school every day. My security was constantly threatened.” Pascal later moved to the city to be with one of his brothers, and in high school he drank alcohol and smoked excessively, skipping class often. He knew something wasn’t right, and he tried to fill the void in his heart with whatever he could get his hands on. Nothing worked.

In 2008 Pascal met Benga. Benga was a Young Life leader, and he wanted to befriend Pascal. Because of Benga’s persistence and the goodness of God, Pascal’s life was changed. He now follows Jesus and has grown in his faith through the ministry of Young Life. Today Pascal is an Associate Regional Director, overseeing Young Life and WyldLife club in the DRC.

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