Paul Kangar – Liberia

Logistics Coordinator

Paul is the logistics coordinator in Liberia. Here, he shares about his involvement with Young Life:

“I started Young Life in Liberia in 2003 along with James Davis and others and began full time staff in 2009 then later on became an area director in 2012. 

God has been using me to reach out to many kids in my country and west Africa. My work as Young Life leader not only impacted kids’ lives, but it has greatly changed my personal lives. It has helped sharpened my relationship with God most positively. 

I was challenged in October by my (then) regional director for West Africa, James Davis to take on the post as logistics cordinator for God’s Young Life ministry in Liberia and I was like, wow! Then I questioned myself,  “Who is going to take care of my sheep”? but I allowed the Lord to lead me into the decision to accept the post and it has been awesome providing logistics for God’s ministry.  

It never too new to me but a new position with added possibilities that is assumed and performed by an individual at all times for God’s Kingdom. 

It being over three months since November when I took over the new role as logistic coordinator, and every thing seems well but not totally free of challenges. 

I praise God for His blessings to keep me strong each day to coordinate all his works for His children. And that my work will lead those kids and leaders we work with to see our work as an encouragement to keep firm onto the Lord and be crowned a champion. 

Thank to all and may the Lord continue to lead us in doing more and more for His Kingdom.”

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