Samuel Gitau

Samuel serves Young Life in Nairobi, Kenya as a Logistics Coordinator. 

Samuel was once a trouble-making rebel of a teenager who refused to go to school until he met Martin Wamalwa. He became one of Martin’s first club kids. He was raised by his grandmother until she passed away leaving him orphaned. Martin quickly stepped into a father figure role for Samuel and prayed for him constantly. Through both discipline and friendship, Martin eventually convinced Samuel to go back to school and much to his delight, Samuel not only excelled but also earned the very best marks on his report cards. He did so well on his national exam that he was ranked in the top 100 students in Kenya.  

Samuel was sponsored as a DGL student and went to university where he worked hard in his studies and upon graduation; he got a job in banking. Even though his job at the bank paid well, Samuel felt a strong calling to work for Young Life. Along with his work as Logistics Coordinator, Samuel runs club at Kahau West High School and the Marathari Neighborhood Club, and also disciples a team of volunteer leaders.  

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