Sithandazile Moyo – Zimbabwe

Area Developer Cape Town, South Africa

Sithandazile, or Stha, is hardworking and passionate, and channels these characteristics into her ministry in Zimbabwe. Stha met Jesus in April of 2005 during one of the most difficult times in her life. Her father had passed away the previous year and she and her siblings had been divided amongst their relatives. Stha had gone to stay with her aunt and was starting her first year at secondary school. Life was hard and stressful at her aunt’s house. To escape all the hardships at home, she would ask to go to church. Every time she was at church she would feel such overwhelming peace – to the extent that she would sleep right there in the church! She went to church almost every day to find peace and escape the troubles at home. The church had a revival service one evening and the pastor taught on Isaiah 53:5, “by his stripes we are healed.” When the sermon ended Stha surrendered her life to Jesus. Not only did she receive salvation, she also received healing and peace that surpasses all human understanding.

In 2009, Stha was introduced to Young Life by her friend and fellow staff-person, Lims. She learned the mission of Young Life and attended an outreach camp where her life was changed! She was challenged in her faith and learned to serve in a unique and freeing way. Since then, Stha has committed herself to Young Life ministry and demonstrated great leadership qualities which led to her now serving as the regional director of Zimbabwe South. We are so thankful for Sithandazile’s leadership and care for the kids in her community.


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