Spencer Tshuma* – Zimbabwe

Spencer is an area director for Bulawayo North in Zimbabwe. He has the special gift of making sure those in his area feel cared for. Growing up, Spencer occasionally would attend church but his relationship with Jesus remained stagnant, as it had no personal meaning to him. In 2012, Godrey, a friend of his, invited Spencer to serve alongside him on work crew at a Young Life camp. Through both discovering more about Jesus at daily Bible studies and being surrounded by a community of Christians, Spencer realized how valuable a life surrendered to Jesus truly is. Since accepting Jesus, he has seen a new desire to want to be with Jesus. After serving at work crew, his friend Nkosi Sampindi, presently the Director of Operations for YLA/ME, trained Spencer on his leadership skills for Young Life which has opened doors to the position Spencer is in today. Spencer feels honored to be involved in this mission.

*Sponsorship opportunity available

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