Stephan Dushie – Ghana

Area Director

Stephan is an incredible problem solver and is known for his generosity and desire to love and serve God. He was born into a family that did not know Jesus and worshipped many different idols. After finishing high school, he left his village for a construction apprenticeship because he could not afford to continue his education. His boss was a Christian, so he always talked to Stephan about the love of Christ and encouraged him to go to church. One Sunday, he finally decided to go and was surprised at how loved and welcomed he felt by everyone. He continued to attend church regularly but hadn’t said yes to Jesus yet. Then one night he went to a park for a Bible study. The power of God fell on Stephan and the Holy Spirit entered his heart as he began to speak in tongues. In this first encounter with the Lord, he felt a joy fill his heart and all his fears disappeared. After this night, he wanted to go home to his village. When he got there, they would not let him in and said he needed to remove Jesus from his life before returning. This didn’t stop him from preaching the gospel to his family and now many of his siblings are Christians. Stephan’s greatest joy since accepting Jesus into his life has been sharing the gospel and leading more followers to Jesus. He got involved with Young Life after several staff people from Liberia and Tanzania reached out to him and he now serves as an area director.

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