Zachary Chiphangwi – Malawi

Area Director

Zachary is outgoing, friendly and has a great sense of humor. He is currently on staff in Lilongwe, Malawi and runs club at Bwaila Secondary School.

Zachary met Jesus in high school, simply because he was looking for something to do. He joined a Bible study with some friends, and there began to learn about Jesus. Then one night, the church hosted a prayer night, and it was there that Zachary realized his deep need for Jesus. He gave his life to Christ and hasn’t looked back since. In high school, a Young Life leader named Gary invited him to Young Life club. Zachary was hesitant, but after his first club fell in love with the fun games and atmosphere of acceptance that is so characteristic of Young Life. He got involved in a Campaigners group and then later went through leadership training. He began leading Young Life at a high school in his area and went on to manage club. In 2013, he received a scholarship from Young Life’s Developing Global Leader program to attend university and graduated in 2015. He has been on Young Life staff for almost five years and is excited to see the ways the Lord continues to grow His ministry in his area.

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