Zein Tembo – Malawi

Regional Director

An associate regional director in Blantyre, Senzeni (or Zein), met the Lord “through curiosity.” After high school, Zein took a road trip across Malawi and found himself at a gathering of young people who had just accepted Jesus into their lives. Zein inquired about why these young people were so different and was told about their new faith. He bought a Bible so he could learn more.

After returning home, Zein began to read the Bible alone in his room, starting a journey of faith, which he confirmed at a youth conference where he stood and affirmed his faith.

Soon afterward, Zein discovered Young Life and began attending club. As his love for the Lord grew, so did his devotion to Young Life and, in 2009, Zein began leadership training.

Prior to joining Young Life staff, Zein attended university under a Developing Global Leadership scholarship where he studied information technology. Only 1% of the population in Malawi enrolls in a university, but Zein’s curiosity and determination allowed him to persevere to graduation.

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