Senior African Leaders are the leaders of our ministry, leaders of their countries and leaders in their communities. Most of them either were involved in the beginning of ministries in their countries or regions and have developed a strong team under them. Most Senior African leaders will select younger leaders who come to SALT to learn alongside them as a way of bringing up younger leaders who will follow in their footsteps.

SALT is a rich time where quite simply, one of the main objectives of the African leaders, is to hear God’s voice. Much of the time is spent in passionate worship and quiet stillness, waiting in God’s presence. SALT serves not only as a retreat for Senior leaders to recharge and replenish, recalibrate their spirits, but it serves as a gathering place and launching pad where SVP Steve Larmey is able to cast the vision for the next year for the group together. It brings a synergy and a family feel to a division which covers so much terrain across such a large continent of Africa.

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