March 17, 2020 | Steve Larmey

Psalm 91 for 91 – day 5

     Day 5 

Thank you for praying Psalm 91 for 91 days.As I have been praying the Lord is showing me a few things:

1. God is clearing the deck so that we can focus on the right things in the right way – Him, His glory and purposes, in the power of His Spirit. He’s swiftly sweeping away distractions and other options and making us look to and lean on Him. This is a good place.

2. Our hope and power is in worship and praise and intercession. Most of all our hope is in TIME with Him. Let’s worship and praise him often and spontaneously, alone and when we’re together. Let’s SING – sing His praises, sing thanksgiving, sing of who He is, sing of His goodness.  Be in His presence. And let’s lift our arms up in prayer to Him. Like Moses on the mountain our first work is to pray – pray for kids, pray for leaders and staff in our care, pray for families, pray for our mission leaders and Kingdom leaders across the globe, pray for cities, nations and the world.

3. Most of all: in this time of social distancing let’s CLOSE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN GOD AND US. Let’s reach out to Him, grab hold of Him, be closer to Him than ever before. And in this closeness to Jesus we will miraculously be bound and brought close to each other even in this time of isolation.

Be with Him. Listen to Him. Do what He says each moment of each day.

4.  “DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW for tomorrow will worry about itself.” Things are moving so fast, our planning is only good for a few days at a time. Let’s “seek first his Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to us as well.” Listen to the Lord each day. Do what He tells you each day. We will end up where He wants us.

We are praying that the Lord would stop the COVID-19 virus in its tracks, and for courage and wisdom for Young Life leaders and the Church to be light and hope and joy in this darkness.

Below is Psalm 91 in Russian….listen to it prayed in Russian as you pray it in your language.

Steve Larmey
Group Senior Vice President
Young Life Africa/Middle East/India Sub-Continent/Asia Pacific
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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