Coast High School Camp in Kenya

April 13-16, 2018

Camp creates a place for kids to set apart from their daily routines, temptations and struggles and allows them to experience Christ’s love in community. They experience quality time with their leaders and peers, ask questions about their faith and receive the gospel message. And, in typical Young Life fashion, they play games and sing songs and eat delicious meals. A total of 415 kids attended this camp. 95 of these campers were Muslims, and 49 of them decided to give their lives to Jesus, despite the familial risk of leaving their Muslim practices. Below are stories from three campers who experienced camp for the first time.


“These have been the best three days of my life. I have had of freedom to interact with teenagers of my age and both genders. Playing football which, I have never done, eating and shouting with joy! This has been a week I will live to remember all the days of my life. I also loved getting to share with other girls in our small group and listening to the stories of the person of Jesus.

I have loved everything that happened in this camp, and this was a great conviction for me to follow Jesus and I am ready to follow his ways. Thank you, Young Life.” 


“From the depths of my heart I want to say that this camp has made a huge impact on my life. I am usually left out at school and home because I have a condition where I am not able to control my urine and therefore most of the time I am smelly, and this has been a terrible experience for me. Nobody interacts with me or wants to be near me, and I have ended hating myself and wondering why God created me.

Here at the camp nobody cared about my condition, it was the best time of my life. A lot of fun; dancing, playing, laughing, hugged, cheered and eating. I also learned that I was created with a purpose and Jesus loves me the way I am. I have felt the love of Jesus here at the camp and I didn’t feel lonely the entire time.

I am really grateful, and I have given my life to Jesus Christ. Pray for me to get the treatment for my condition, thank you all.”

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