Outreach Camp in Tanzania

June 24-26, 2018

This June, 409 kids gathered for Young Life camp in Tanzania to experience a weekend full of fun, games, and messages about the amazing love of Jesus Christ. Among these kids were 84 Muslims, one person with disabilities, and two teen moms. By the end of the camp, 256 kids, including 54 Muslims, walked away having accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Here is a story from a camper named Marie:

Marie is 16 and the fourth of six children. When she was 14, she began to lose her sight. By the time she entered high school, the problem only grew worse and treatments were ineffective. Her eyesight affected her very negatively, causing her to feel dizzy when staring at the blackboard and inhibiting her from performing well in school.

However, things started to change when Marie went to Young Life camp. As she listened to the speaker’s message during the first club, she noticed something was changing in her body. Marie said it felt like she was receiving a new power within her. From that moment, she knew her problem was over and she started to see things clearly. At camp, Marie decided to follow Jesus Christ, and she said Jesus healed her eyes and gave her a new beginning in life. Marie thanks Young Life for becoming a blessing in her life.

Marie’s testimony is a beautiful story of God’s ability to both literally and metaphorically open our eyes to see His truth. Please join in praying for Marie, all the campers that are navigating new lives of faith, and for God to continue transforming and saving the lost and hurting.

Text Box: Names have been changed for privacy and protection. Please do not copy or redistribute.

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