Soccer Camp in DRC

April 6-8, 2018

110 kids attended this high school camp in the DRC, including 38 families and 5 Muslim students. 56 leaders and 24 work-crew volunteers served these students with the love and joy of Christ. At camp, students played crazy games, connected with their peers, ate delicious food and most importantly, heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We want to share two stories with you of incredible transformation to show just how much can change in three days at a Young Life camp.


Sam lives in the Essence area of the DRC with his mother and two sisters. His father is in jail for twenty years after molesting two young girls. Since then, life has been really difficult for the family because the mother is jobless, and the father was the financial provider for the family. Sam is the first born and he is 18 years old. Sam received the role of the provider in the family. Because of his home life, Sam became a thief in the market. Sam’s stealing was a way to get by for his family in need: paying school fees for his two sisters, providing food and rent. He continued life as a thief until he met Justin. Justin was a new Young Life leader who contacted Sam and took him to camp. During camp, Sam said yes to Jesus, and now has hope that God will help him take care of his family! Sam asks that you continue to pray for hope, and a new way of life.


Alima is a young girl whose parents divorced because of their differing religions. She was raised mostly by her father whos is a practicing Muslim. When she was ten years old her father married her off to one of his friends. When the mother found out she secretly took Alima back to her house, but because her mother was jobless, Alima had the responsibility of providing for the family. Her mother us a Christian and so Alima wanted to stay with her, but then after Alima turned 18 years old, the man she was married off to came looking for her. Out of fear of her daughter being taken her mother reached out to Brigitte who is a local Young Life leader. The mother took Alima and asked if Brigette would take her. Brigette agreed and took Alima to camp for the first time. She learned so much more about Jesus and fell deeply for Him. However, Alima was so fearful of her father finding out. Brigette was praying over Alima and she decided to follow Jesus. Since then, Alima comes to church every Sunday and moved back with her mom.

These testimonies represent those of the 290 other campers that committed their lives to Christ at this camp! We are praising God for the continued work he is doing not only in camps such as this, but also in the daily relationships formed between leaders and kids. We ask you to join us in praying for these two campers as well as the other new believers as they navigate this new life of faith

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